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Default Re: The Official X-Men: Days of Future Past Merchandise

Originally Posted by GenUsername View Post
Disney doesn't really see much of a point of promoting competition. And with Marvel putting out their movies at the speed they do as well as Sony and now WB/DC this whole superhero movie thing could become over-saturated. Essentially it looks like Disney wants one company (fox) to lose their summer release spot and be relegated to March or December, if they go with March the films could be less successful and Marvel could eventually get the right back, and if they go with December Disney can put out X-toys for Xmas, its a win-win situation for Disney.

Also if Marvel doesnt put out Xtoys, then the merchandise companies can focus more on Disney toys for Disney's other movies.
This all points to disney trying to hurt X-Men films.

Why would any real X-Men fan support this?

And considering star wars will likely be ppushed to christmas by Disney what makes anyone think X-Men would be high priority by them If they got the rights back.And it's not like if they put out merchandize marvel wouldn't make any money.

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