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Default Re: Rumoured New X Men Cartoon

Originally Posted by usagicassidy View Post
In my opinion, the reason XTAS is comparable in scope to BTAS (and the reason that it falters) is because both took a format that most fans no longer want - the separate episode/separate story idea. Yes, there were 2- or 4-parters in XTAS but mostly the episodes are self contained. Yes, the series references events or certain characters/villains over multiple seasons, but the show as a whole never really "builds" to something.

WATXM and the latter half of Evolution all were constantly creating threads, putting things in motion, building to events and stories. Much like Avengers EMH did. Now we get a piss poor version in its place called Avengers Assemble and is much like XTAS and BTAS in that episodes are pretty self contained.
XTAS self contained? what are you talking about?

Every episode led into the next. Then you have instances where characters in season 2 were completely motivated by events in season 1 (Morph). The X-Men had their own adventures in each episode but we also saw Xavier and Magneto's journey in the savage land which was building up to the finale.

There were more stand alone episode towards the end because the series finale had already been planned but more episodes were ordered.

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