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Default Re: Who should be the villain in the sequel for Man of Steel?

Originally Posted by Masone View Post
I love the idea of having Bizarro as the main villain, not in this Superman/Batman movie, but in a future MOS movie.

*This happens off screen* Lex sets up Superman, he walks into a room and then it suddenly fills with that suspended animation thing from Krypton. Then he releases Bizarro once Supes is neutralized.

The audience doesn't know these things happen. Bizarro doesn't know he's not the real Superman. That could be the movie. Clark/Superman acts weird, has much different methods from what we've come to know(injuring, killing with no remorse), but it's still Clark/Superman so no one suspects anything, at least at first.

Lois and Martha eventually suspect something is wrong, find out the truth at the same time the audience does. Flashback to the real Superman scene where he gets trapped in suspended animation. Bizarro also finds out the truth and breaks down and has one of those "nooooooooo" moments that Superman had in MOS. Everything he knows is a lie, his life is a lie.

He then starts transitioning into absolute madness.

Eventually he finds out where Superman is being held and releases him. He wants to show the world who the better Superman is, so he releases him to have a very public fight to the death.

Could even throw a second villain in there for Bizarro to deal with while he's assuming Clark's life. This is the one you could show in the trailer and all the promos so no one suspects Bizarro is really Clark/the villain.
Good plot try ...


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