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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman: - - - - - - Part 15

It's interesting. Henry looks short because of this man, while he is not a short man at all.

Originally Posted by Mikelus View Post
Speaking of happy Henry (shirt rip included!!) lol:

Who's that **** next to him? More serious... Is she responsible for the state of his shirt?? And I don't think he looks drunk. He's always got this face...(make-up?)
I would abuse of him while he's drunk if I could...

Here is an old interview:

His face has changed a bit, but he still has his special facial expressions. I adore them.
And his voice...
This man is gorgeous and desirable even at 20 yo!
Henry looks so cool, relaxed, but still polite and nice. But...frankly, I think he ages baldy... Maybe because he smokes or drinks too much...

I hope he's gonna find the good lady soon. He needs to marry someone and to have a family. Like his brothers.
I hope she won't be a celebrity.
It seems it does not work very well when they share the same lifestyles.
Maybe because celebrities need fame to success in their career and being with another celebrity would mean one of them is famous thanks to the fame of the other one?
Like lots of couples where the lady or the man is like hidden, a kind of shadow because of the popularity of the other...
But I would like Henry to do like Christian Bale. He is with a lady since lots of years, they're still together and -it seems- happily married, with a daughter.

Henry, you need a normal girl.
You need me
I would follow you till the world's end

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