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Default Re: James Spader is Ultron!

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
The fact they say they cast him AS Ultron and not the voice of Ultron, and considering they cast him so far ahead of production, makes me think he's not just going to voice the character but actually play him...which obviously leads to the question of are they going to have Ultron take on a human layer of skin at some point, Terminator style? I think this Ultron is going to be even more different than we thought.
The announcement did not "obviously lead" to that question for everyone who read it, just for a select few. Paul Bettany also plays JARVIS, and yet never appears in human form. Vin Diesel will play Groot through voice and motion capture, but you can be damn well sure we won't see his bullet head on screen. The same is more than likely true of Ultron, as most people have obviously concluded.

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