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Default Re: State your unpopular film related opinion - - - - Part 13

I'm very tired of the entire X-Men series with the exception of First Class being "Wolverine and Friends".

I think Tom Hardy is awesome, but I think Bane was "meh" and his two speeches in the football stadium and even worse in front of Blackgate Prison make me cringe with how goofy and ridiculous he sounds, and I think part of it was the "what were they thinking?" level of voice distortion effects, and partly Hardy doing some weird-ass voice and being a scenery-munching ham in those scenes.

Michelle Rodriguez and Kristen Stewart both act exactly the same in every single movie they are ever in. I don't really get why critics bash Stewart in Twilight but act like she's a good actress in other stuff, because she acts the same.

You can fit like 3 more scenes if you play the chorus twice like in the actual song.

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