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Default Re: The 2013-2014 Fantasy Football Thread

Originally Posted by Genesis 1.0 View Post
Hey! Shush you, your beatdown is coming.

Yeah, I usually do 1 pay League a year and that shiz is always stressful and not nearly as carefree and fun.

$400 pot?

Shiz just got real?
10 Teams actually, so $500. And we're all buddies so there was loads of trash talking at the draft tonight.

It also has a unique format, I think. You have to start 2 QB's, 3 RBs & WR's (each), 2 TE's and a flex (with a kicker and defense of course) so quarterbacks go kinda early cause people go after the superstars.

I waited on my quarterbacks and just annihilated the league (much like I did to Knockout Kings last year and will this year).

My starting line up is...
Tony Romo (got in the 8th round)
Carson Palmer
CJ Spiller
LeSean McCoy
Chris Johnson
Dez Bryant
Dwayne Bowe
Antonio Brown
Jordan Cameron
Zack Sudfeld

And I got Daryl Richardson, D'Angelo Williams, TY Hilton, and Josh Gordon on the bench.

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