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Default Re: You Aren't Fit To Lace Up The Wrestling Thread's Chuck Taylors

Originally Posted by sweetre15 View Post
Yeah atleast now there is something going on besides this Aces & 8s crap that hopefully dies at Bound for Glory. Which ironically would mean that it didn't drag on as long as the NWO angle which should have ended at StarrCade 97.
Aces and 8's as a concept was damn good, even if it is a D.O.A./nWo hybrid. It's just the group's roster is lacking outside of the leader. Super Mex might have been a decent heavy for Aces and 8's. Magnus could have been the future star Orton type. Kid Kash or Eric Young as the X Division guy, then ODB as the Knockout, then try and get the Briscoes as your tag team.

Also, Brooke Tessmacher joining Ace's and 8's is stupid. Mickie James needs opponents and you turn Brooke heel? That doesn't make sense at all.

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