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Default Re: Neill Blomkamp’s next project... ELYSIUM? - Part 1

The world presented is interesting, but it never goes beyond that, you never get to really know the world, neither Elysium or Earth, so the world never immerses me.

Instead they lay their focus on this one character, Max, and his struggle. Uunfortunately he, and the characters around him, are so boringly written you couldn't really care less about it all. This clashes with the style, when the mega dramatic music and the gritty slow-mo tells you this is something incredibly moving and important, when the actual content is quite bland.

It might have worked better if the movie didn't try to be anything more than a regular sci-fi action flick. That's what so jarring, on top of not being anything special to begin with.

The only stuff that works are some of the fancy and captivating visuals, wonderful scenery and imagery at times. I also dig some of the cool camera effects and work, but they also feel kinda out of place in the more straightforward context. Like a character screaming a generic command like it's the end of the world, while the camera does something that feels fancy and playful.

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