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Default Re: State your unpopular film related opinion - - - - Part 13

Originally Posted by Two-Face=Badass View Post
X-Men were created as characters who took on incredibly obvious parallels to the Civil Rights and Women's rights movements - they were downtreaden minorities who were not afforded rights and alienated in society.

First Class takes place at the same time as these events, and comparisons are explicitly drawn throughout the film. This is good.

HOWEVER - the first hero to die is the only major good black character, whose power is not dying. The other main black hero character, who is also a woman, turns evil on entirely spurious and ill-developed grounds. The Communists and non-Americans are portrayed as two-dimensional villains. The only Jewish character becomes a villain (which would be okay if it was just Magneto, but every other non-anglo-saxon character being shafted only makes this bad). The main female character has her mind wiped in a very uncomfortable scene at the end, and her closing scene is a vaguely self-aware sexist joke.

The films ends with the only ones left in Xavier's good guy block being white males, while Magneto's supposedly dangerous and radical wing comes across (unintentionally) as much better, being multi-ethnic, having women, and being more diverse and accepting. None of this was done deliberately by the film makers, but the fact that this managed to happen unintentionally says a lot for how little aware the makers were in crafting their own tale of oppressed persons who are marginalised in society, by managing to marginalise people who actually are oppressed person that are marginalised by society.

EDIT: Oh, and every female character was sexualised, with some in very contrived ways - like Moira pulling her clothes off in practically the first scene we see her in.
Hmm, Ok. Well, with the black hero dying first... the black character dies first in just about every other movie out there. It's an old joke I could care less about. If Bishop dies first in DoFP though give me a call dude. We're storming FOX!

I tend to just accept it that black characters in a majority of big blockbusters or superhero movies will most likely get the short end of the stick. At the same time though, it can also be very easy to nitpick about the mistakes they made with them if they're in the movies. For example, while I haven't read much on it but I wouldn't be surprised if I read 'complaints' about Electro in ASM 2. Even though I think Jamie Foxx is a cool choice for him I could pretend to go off and say 'Of course they paint him blue!' 'Why did Gambol have to die first in TDK!' etc etc.

I thought it was pretty weak to see Darwin go out but you can always look at it in several ways instead of just saying of course they kill the black one. You can argue that Darwin was the only one brave enough and willing to stand up to Shaw in that moment and ended up being the sacrifice that pulled the younger X-Men together. Maybe not the ideal scenario for a lot of people but it's not a crime to look at it that way either.

The other things you brought up were surprising and I never really looked at the characters that were Jewish or non-American specifically like that. Since the X-Men and this movie is mainly about the US, not to mention during the Cuban Missile Crisis, I'm not surprised that the other countries had a bit of an evil edge to them.

But anyways, that's a deep analysis of the movie and every character. If that's how you feel about them then I won't tell you you're wrong as it's your opinion. I'll say that I don't feel as strongly about the issues with race or possible sexism in that movie in particular. It seems in a way like you are asking for the perfect X-Men movie, which does everything right, with all of it's characters and themes. I just don't know if that will happen anytime soon. This is honestly the first time I heard of people having those problems with First Class, except for the camera lingering on Darwin after Shaw said 'enslaved' which made sense and didn't offend me.


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