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Default Re: Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by KRYPTON INC. View Post
Shoot Em Up's problems stem from it not being what the audiences were expecting. I suspected it was more an adult, over the top comedy from the first ad I saw. But the mass audiences thought they were paying a ticket for a conventional action movie like was produced through the 80's and 90's.

I really think Lex has to be presented as someone no more than 15 years older than Clark, at the most. He needs to be older, but not in a way that makes him from another generation. The difference should be more like youthfulness vs. maturity. Or am I being too obtuse?
Agreed on Shoot 'Em Up. Plus Owen. Seriously, put Nic Cage versus Giamatti and this guarantees 3 Billions, 15 Oscars, shot in 4D, 150fps (faps per second).

As for Lex, I'd say 10 years older is a happy medium. Clark is 33 (looks 30), Lex should be at most 45 and should look 40.

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