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Default Re: World's Finest? Justice League? Reboot? No reboot? Solo Movies before or after?

Originally Posted by ЯɘvlveR View Post
i don't find it ridiculous at all, but then again i don't live in a world where the hulk is a cultural icon. batman? yes. superman? yes. wonder woman? yes. spider-man? yes. hulk? nope. he's a lot closer to gl and flash then he is to those actual icons.
You're right about Spiderman, Batman and Superman. Add in Hulk and you've got the 4 most known superheroes to the general public.
No Idea where you pulled Wonder Woman from.

Growing up as a kid, Hulk is one of the biggest that everyone knows and always references, even 40 year old mums and 5 year old kids who have never seen a comic book in their life.

This is from someone who has never read a comic book. If you're talking about "cultural icon" for comic book readers, then you might be right, I wouldn't know.

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
I would argue that these days, Wolverine is probably ahead of Hulk, though not by a huge margin. He has had a whole bunch of movie appearances, after all: five to Hulk's three.
Actually, I would have to agree with this. I forgot about Wolverine. Since Hugh Jackman made all those movies Wolverine would have to be pretty high up the list too. Maybe even above Hulk.

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