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Default Re: Warp Drive Could Soon Become Reality

Originally Posted by Mike_D202 View Post
I heard about this same experiment years ago (football shaped spacecraft with rings). It seems like the same science stories keep getting recycled every 5 years.
Various “warp drive” designs have existed for a number of years. One is Kip Thorne’s “artificial wormhole” concept (where a “tunnel” provides the warp effect). The other is the “Alcubierre Drive” (where the spaceship - a la Star Trek - does its own warping). These solutions are real/possible in that they are consistent with Einstein’s equations (i.e., they don’t violate known physics). But substantial practical barriers are still entailed. For instance, they all require so-called “exotic matter” (negative mass matter) - which we don’t yet have. Also, the warp drives require prodigious amounts of energy. Originally, I believe the Alcubierre Drive needed a quantity of energy that exceeded what is in the known Universe. Now (according to the article) they’ve got it down to only the mass/energy of Jupiter. But that’s still a level of engineering tech that we won’t have anytime “soon” (the word used in the thread title ).

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