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Default Re: James Spader is Ultron!

Originally Posted by Shazam View Post
But do you want Ultron to have "personality?" Really......What makes him a threat is his lack of it.
Well, the "personality" could be cold, calculating, sadistic... I think Ultron could have a personality, obviously he wouldn't be a warm cuddly teddy bear though.

I think we're all jumping the gun though about what Ultron will look like. With the evidence presented so far, Ultron will look like iconic Ultron. That's what was shown in the SDCC teaser. We have no reason to believe so far that they're changing the look so radically.

Plus, doesn't Marvel's track record with keeping true to their characters' iconography hold that Ultron won't change dramatically from the comics, save for his origin?

Now, I know someone mentioned upthread that Joss may be giving us a "weaker" version of Ultron? Where did he say that? I haven't seen him say anything like that, just that Ultron will be ever evolving and adapting, which he should be, right?

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