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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - - -

Originally Posted by Mightyally View Post
Yes and Jaqua, it wasn´t more to it than me wanting to say: Thanos is always stronger than Thor but I will give you this: If not enhanced in someway, Thor might be stronger."

So because I wanted to over-share to let the poor one who asked why, I started to randomly talk about the origin of Chronos, Mentor, Thanos, Zeus etc, to make sure he understood my thought process.

I based my information of Captain Marvel v1, which Thor Odinson showed us isn´t legit anymore cause of recent writing that alters that story. That recent writing saying otherwise is what you know and that is why you are confused. Ignore Captain Marvel v1, but if you are interested click in on the links I posted from my issue of Captain Marvel v1 to read the text and think about what I just said.

Page 1:
Page 2:
Originally Posted by KRYPTON INC. View Post
I have a really hard time understanding your posts, so I assume there may be some "non native english speaker" thing happening here. That's cool though, because it shows the world wide reach of american comics. But just to be totally clear here: The Eternal, since they were originally conceived by Kirby as being seperate from 616 MARVEL (as the kids say today) have no direct relationship with the other mythologically based "gods" of MARVEL. That is not some recent retcon from "newer" stories. It's from the initial concept. Later, when Starlin was crafting his cosmic sagas he and other writers found ways to integrate the ETERNALS into the mainline Marvel Universe.
There's no relation, yeah lol

Originally Posted by TeeKay View Post
I have a gif that confirms the fact that Loki
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
cuts Thor's hand and it's clearly visible.
HOLY S@*T!!!
OLDDDDD news man haha. The footage was leaked a few weeks ago, it's been a known fact that it happens, we discussed it for a few pages and I am pretty sure you were there too

Originally Posted by Sombra112 View Post
show me!!!
nah, you can get in a lot of trouble for posting that GIF, even though it's a GIF, it still contains images from a bootleg video, which can get you banned here, PM him asking for it

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
So assuming if it's true that Malekith's hate for Asgard goes all the way back to Odin's father's reign and how he was potentially responsible for killing Malekith's child and wife, I wonder if that'll affect on how Thor approaches Malekith if that were to be revealed to him, in the sense if Thor might feel some pity for him.
I think it was Odin, not his father. Cause 1. If Odin was an old man over 1000 years ago, he's got to be older than 5,000 years.

Secondly, every other article talking about it referred to it as Thor's father, or Odin, I think the whole "Odin's Father" thing may have been a typo?

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