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Default Re: Warp Drive Could Soon Become Reality

Think of it this way: Your smart phone is more powerful than the entire planet's computer processing ability combined 30 years ago*. We've literally gone from big clunky computers that took up a large space on a desk, could barely function as a word processor in primitive 2-tone graphics to a hand held device that makes phone calls, plays games with better graphics than what we had 20 years ago and can do a lot more while you merely touch the screen. No keyboard or mouse required. Not to mention near instantaenous access to all the knowledge of Google and Wikipedia.

We're advancing at a very fast pace right now so it's possible it will happen within our lifetime (provided you're not in your 70's or something) but it is still all theory at this point and it may turn out none of them are practical.

* Maybe slightly exaggerated

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