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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

Originally Posted by cloverfan98 View Post
I like the more understated tone of this film. I love origin stories and I love how this fillm takes its time to show us the hero in the outfit. Its defiantly one of my favorite origin films ever and my first real Batman movie. I would for my personal tastes throw in Iron Man, Ang Lee's Hulk and Sam Rami's Spider Man as some of the best origin stores alongside BB.
The origin side of the story in undoubtedly the best one. The tone is just great. problem is that, as you say, the film takes a lot of time to show us the hero in the outfit but when it does,... it doesn't really.


Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
I'm a huge fan of superhero origin films and Batman Begins is fantastic. I think its not afraid to go into comic book mode like the sequel tried so hard not to. That's one of the reasons I think its the best Batman film also I have to admit I'm kinda cliche and I like happy endings too. Which I feel the sequels didn't have.
Well, many movies before BB weren't afraid to go all comic book mode. And you have to admit the impact of a tragic ending story. Hamlet was originally written with a happy ending (Hamlet gets married), then Shakespeare changed it to a tragic ending and nobody else bothered to remember the original story.

That said, the ending of BB (rooftop scene and Joker card) was phenomenal, but the Bruce/Rachel thing didn't end happily precisely, although not tragically either.

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