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Default Re: The Official Batman & Robin Thread

I started thinking about why Batman and Robin is as poor as it is, and identified 3 things:
1) The dramatic and drastic shift in tone between it and the previous films
2) Arnold's over-acting
3) Clooney being totally ill-suited both for following on from Keaton and Kilmer (because he's an entirely different type of actor than them) and for the tone of the script

This in turn led me to start thinking about what could've been done to avoid or mitigate these issues, and I came up with the following ideas:
1) Revise the script so that it retained more of the gothic/noir tone present in B89, BR, and BF
2) Drop Freeze's puns
3) Cast David Duchovny as Bruce/Batman; he is very much the same type of actor as Keaton and Kilmer, and would've felt like he was playing the same character

Everything else about the movie could have worked and worked well.

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