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Default Re: The Official Batman & Robin Thread

I initially liked Batman and Robin after seeing it in theaters, but it is the worst of the live-action films and does suffer from the decisions that were made concerning it, especially in relation to the films that preceded it.

To its credit, the film does have elements in it that are remnants of the tone from the 3 preceding films - manifested primarily in the characterization of Poison Ivy (who reminds me very much of The Joker, The Penguin, Catwoman, Two-Face, and The Riddler) - but those elements get completely overshadowed by how dramattcally and drastically different the rest of the film's tone is.

BTW, the only reason I suggested going with Duchovney, the original choice to replace Kilmer, is because he is the same type of actor as Keaton and Kilmer, but Clooney could have been okay in the role if the script's tone had been different. It would have still have been jarring to go from Keaton and Kilmer to him (Clooney), but it wouldn't have been AS jarring.

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