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Default Re: Neill Blomkamp’s next project... ELYSIUM? - Part 1

Kermode gave a great (not score) review. Exactly how i felt. Why am i not enjoying it ? Why dont i find this rewarding ? I like the idea. I like the actors. I like the director. I'm a sucker for the setting. I like the director style , its a well made pic so friggin ordinary

I also want to say that it isn't a terrible film , and nowhere near as bad as most of american blockbusters released this summer, and that superhero trash films that have been released lately.

The simplicity of the setting also isn't the problem. Distric 9 is as subtle as a nail in the head , and the story structure is the typical character beliefs being challenged . But its very enjoyable film because it creates levels upon levels of mood to the world , and gives great weight to the character.Following Wikus is also very fun. The first 40 minutes of this are simply boring.

I still cant believe the idea of putting those flashbacks.

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