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Default Re: You Aren't Fit To Lace Up The Wrestling Thread's Chuck Taylors


by Dave Scherer @ 8:51 AM on 8/30/2013

The word making the rounds over the past week was that AJ Styles and TNA had agreed to, at least, a short term contract extension. Styles' contract was set to expire very shortly and both sides were said to be working on a compromise that would keep him with the company.

No one would comment officially as to whether Styles had agreed to a short term or long term team deal but it's clear after the events that took place at Impact last night that he will be with the company for at least the short term.
I personally hope it's for the long-term.

As we noted last night on the site, Michael Hutter worked the dark match at Impact in Cleveland. He pretty much did the patriotic gimmick that he had once pitched to WWE, coming out in red, white and blue in a takeoff of Bruce Springsteen from the "Born in the USA" era.

by Mike Johnson @ 1:16 PM on 8/30/2013

As Dave noted this morning on the site, TNA and AJ Styles have agreed to a short term contract extension. One source told me this morning it's a deal that will take the two sides a little past Bound for Glory. They will continue negotiations for a longer deal, but as Dave has written, it's going to be money that tells the tale of whether Styles stays or not.

TNA has posted Styles' promo from last night on Impact, which was really, really good and has a lot of truth to it about the company always coming back to him in the end:

One person who didn't hear Styles' message (at least not live when it happened) was TNA President Dixie Carter, who was not in attendance at last night's taping. We heard from one reader that believes she spotted Carter at last night's Vanderbilt vs. Ole Miss college football game, but we can't 100% confirm that. As I wrote yesterday, there were people in the company waiting to see how Carter interacted with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff after Hogan's comments in Toronto. They will have to wait until the No Surrender TV taping on 9/12.

Magnus, who was pulled from the taping due to the travel time he needed to return from the UK after getting his new work visa, actually arrived in Cleveland just after the taping began and was backstage most of last night. That's how he was able to work next week's taping.

In regard to the BFG Series, we are told that the plan was never to make the tournament a full-fledged round robin tournament this year where everyone faces everyone in Series matches. Since the company had cut back on the number of events it was running, they never would have had enough time, so it was never in the cards - as opposed to a change made mid-stream.
Devon's deal with the company expires in October.

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