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Default Re: Marvels biggest slap in the face!!!

Easily Cyclops. Easily.

Cloud Galactus, Bland businessman Mandarin, and Marco Polo Doom were all terrible....but at the end of the day, Mandarin and Doom were still treated like their respective heroes arch fiends, and Galactus was still treated like a big deal.

Cyclops on the other hand? Scott Summers is a Stan Lee created character, one of the original X men, the Classic Field leader, and has been apart of many classic moments and storylines.

And All Fox did was treat him like a foil for Hugh Jackman. His relationship with Jean, the biggest romance in the X Universe is just there, because Fox would rather show you Hugh Jackman sticking his tongue down Famke Janssen's throat. He was barely shown as THE defacto field leader, and his promise of taking over the school for Xavier is never developed in X2 or 3, with Storm eventually taking that position. With each successive film in the trilogy, Cyclops' role was more and more diminshed. To the point where a second rate character like Pyro had a more compelling storyline.

What happens to him in X3 is even a bigger slap in the face when, as mentioned, it was done due to petty executive meddling. But in addition to that, once the script to X3 leaked and the fans were furious, Simon Kinberg and Zak Penn were sent to a X Film message board to do some obvious damage control. Then spent months in the leadup to the movie telling people that everything would be fine. That Cyclops would have a good role.

Turns out everything went down exactly like AICN's script review described. When the writing was on the wall, I remember Zak Penn straight up saying that Fox had designed the X films to revolve around Logan from the beginning. And don't forget that its believed that Jim Caviezel passed on the role of Cyclops because he just seemed like a foil to Wolverine.

So yeah, Cyclops' mistreatment is the biggest Marvel Film slap in the face.

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