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Default Re: Neill Blomkamp’s next project... ELYSIUM? - Part 1

Originally Posted by jacobed View Post
No this is shaky cam. Quick editing is what Bay does in Transformers to keep the cg costs down. This has decently long cuts but you can't tell what in the world is going on because the camera operator has no idea what he is doing. Also not very many movies have cities being destroyed so ill take that over this mess anyday of the week. Had the action been clear, it would have been pretty good.
No, it's not. You clearly have no idea what you're talking about. Hell, I even saw a thread on IMDB of a user basically detailing every cut of the final fight to discredit the theory that shaky cam was being used.

In fact, I should point out right now that during the heist sequence alone, while there was mild usage of hand-held camerawork, the whole action set piece was framed and composed with a sense of clarity.

And there were a ton of quick cuts during the fight sequences.

Oh, and you say not very many movies have cities being destroyed?

What happened in Transformers? Where does the final fight take place.

What city gets demolished in the finale of Transformers 3?

Paicific Rim AND Battleship just laid waste to Hong Kong in a matter of a year apart.

What city gets totaled at the end of the Avengers?

What city gets totaled at the end of Man of Steel?

How many cities has Roland Emmerich destroyed throughout his career?

Yeah. Exactly.

Kudos to the director of Elysium for at least introducing a set piece that I had never seen in a movie before.

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