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Default Re: Marvels biggest slap in the face!!!

I would have made Wolverine the main character too as he's the most popular character and Hugh Jackman was the best actor in the franchise that wasn't a senior citizen. But they still should have made it more of an ensemble with Cyclops as a proper foil. It is similar to the situation in The Avengers, where Iron Man is the more popular lead 'bad boy' character except in it they still treated Captain America with respect and had him in his role as field leader and a proper match for Stark. Cyclops is barely a character at all, his role is so minimized and he is treated as a joke by pretty much everybody (from Wolverine stealing his bike and his girlfriend, to getting his ass kicked in the few fights he gets, to being talked about as not being qualified to lead anybody by Xavier, to spending half his screentime crying, to minor stuff like listening to boy bands). It is like we were supposed to hate him.

That said Marvel comics right now is doing its best to destroy the character too.

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