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Default Re: This Franchise Needs a Reboot Bad

Originally Posted by Nell2ThaIzzay View Post

My highly positive feelings of X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine aside, in the grand scheme of things, we're getting a 7 movie series that has 2 clunkers. That's not a "bad" series by any stretch of the imagination. That's a -good- series, with some disappointments to it. Even Star Wars had Ewoks.

Also, while there are a handful of less than desirable plot points throughout the series, and a couple minor shaky continuity issues, the timeline and overall progression of the series isn't nearly as borked as people make it out to be. The only real continuity issue of any significance is the details of Xavier's paralysis, but the actual contradiction of that is so minor and insignificant it's hardly worth noticing. It really is nothing more than a "whoops, they didn't keep that accurate", then you move on because it has zero bearing on the actual story.

X-Men is the last film franchise that needs a reboot or should be getting one. It started off strong, had a couple disappointments, and then picked itself right back up and brought itself back to high quality. If this franchise needs anything, it's a hiatus, not a reboot. I feel like there's X-Men / Wolverine fatigue coming from this franchise starting to over extend itself.
But there's just too much that is now messed up. Could they fix some of it with the "well the timeline was messed with, so things are fixed" plot point? Sure, but I'm not sure it would be enough...

Here are some things to think about...

1. Patrick Stewart is getting old, and having Xavier in the X-Men universe is usually a good thing. Guess he could be recast, but why not recast during a reboot.

2. Ian McClellan is getting old. We have not experienced Magneto in Genosha, or Magneto on Asteroid M. Why not recast during a reboot?

3. Kind of hard to do the Phoenix Sage right since they have already done it so wrong, unless you reboot giving you the freedom to do it again.

4. The Morlocks could make a great story, but they've totally ruined Leech and Callisto, both good characters for this story. Why would Leech take away Beasts fur?

5. Angel is such a wuss of a character. I would love to someday see Apocalypse turn him into Archangel, but in the current X-Universe that's not likely.

6. Hugh Jackman. I've loved his performances as Wolvie, but again, he's not getting any younger. If movies from the X-Universe are to be around for a while recasting at some point will have to happen.

7. Emma Frost. Origins version = epic fail and even First Class's version wasn't so great. A reboot allows for both recasting and a new, better take.

8. Nightcrawler. Alan Cumming himself was good, but the character wasn't great. What was the need for all those tattoos? He needs to be rebooted as the swashbuckling version that goes off and helps create Excalbre.

9. Cyclops. Bring him back. Guess this could be done with messing around with the timeline route.

10. Havok. Good character in First Class, but just threw the timeline requirements of that character out the window. Reboot and bring him back as the YOUNGER brother of Scott. This was he could be there for a relationship with...

11. Polaris. She's good, but mainly as a love interest, in the present, for Havok.

12. Blob. Origins ruined him. Period! Plus he's dead!

13. Rogue. Reboot allows her to get Ms. Marvel's powers. Would love to see that.

14. Cable. Hard to get him with Scott and Jean being dead. Guess they could fix that with the mess with the timeline route.

15. X-Force without Cable would be a crime!

16. The Hellfire Club. Was slightly ruined in First Class. Always wanted to see the elite inner circle with the whole Black King, White Queen, etc.
Kind of hard to do it right after the name has been used, unless you reboot.

17. Psylocke. Making her some secondary character was bad. Rebooting with her already as an Asian Ninja badass with mental powers and a Psionic Knife would be great. Easily done with a reboot.

18. The New Mutants. There haven't been any, not really. A reboot allows them to start already kinda formed. Cannonball, Magik, Doug, etc.!!!!!

19. Juggrnaught. Last Stand ruined him. Making him a mutant just so he can get knocked out by Leech? Epic Fail. He deserved to be the main villain in a flick, and should be Xavier's half-brother and not some Australian dude.

20. Multiple Man. Again, Last Stand ruined him!

Anyone want to add some of their own?

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