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Default Re: World's Finest? Justice League? Reboot? No reboot? Solo Movies before or after?

Originally Posted by TheJediBrah View Post
You're right about Spiderman, Batman and Superman. Add in Hulk and you've got the 4 most known superheroes to the general public.
No Idea where you pulled Wonder Woman from.

Growing up as a kid, Hulk is one of the biggest that everyone knows and always references, even 40 year old mums and 5 year old kids who have never seen a comic book in their life.

This is from someone who has never read a comic book. If you're talking about "cultural icon" for comic book readers, then you might be right, I wouldn't know.


Actually, I would have to agree with this. I forgot about Wolverine. Since Hugh Jackman made all those movies Wolverine would have to be pretty high up the list too. Maybe even above Hulk.
this is about what you like, brah. we're talking about cultural meaning. not how many movies, tv shows or cartoons she's had. wondy IS the female icon. whether most women have read a comic book or not, I'd bet alot of them have heard of her and/or know something about her. you can't look at this with fanboy glasses when we're talking about the affect of the characters culturally. WB may act like they don't give a **** about her, but she is a big deal.

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