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Default Re: World's Finest? Justice League? Reboot? No reboot? Solo Movies before or after?

Originally Posted by TheJediBrah View Post
All I'm saying, is that to the General Public she isn't as well known as the Hulk.

Maybe "cultural icon" means something different, I'm not sure, you may be right about that.

But growing up as a kid, everyone knows the hulk
if everyone did, it would have done much better at the box office the 2 times they made a film about him. hulk is recognizable, but wonder woman is emblematic. she means more then just a comic book superhero. when you transcend beyond that, that's when you become an icon. and hulk isn't that. I'd say that iron man is closer to becoming one of those then the hulk is.

I'll be over there in Nepal with those monkey- head chicks. They'll all be hitting on me. "Hey, John... ...thanks a lot for keeping the Chinese off our backs. We appreciate it. Is there anything we can do for you? Oh, and by the way, handsome... ...we've never been in a Winnebago." You figure it out.
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