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Default Re: Marvels biggest slap in the face!!!

Originally Posted by OcStat View Post
In the first film he is handled fairly well. You at least can sense he was in charge before Wolverine showed up. His best action scene wasn't until X-Men 2, and it was the shortest one in that movie, and he lost it, while the defense of Professor Xavier was on the line.

I wouldn't call it great. It would be a different matter if we were talking about some 2nd tier X-Man, but not Cyclops. I understand that Wolverine was the big draw for the franchise, but come on.
X2 was doing the Weapon X stuff, so it made sense for Wolverine to get the focus. X3 was adapting DPS, where Scott is one of the two main characters, and Whedon's Gifted, where he is ALSO one of the main characters, so dismissing him like that was unacceptable. Also, apparently Singer was going to make Scott the main character in his X3, which makes me even more angry that Ratner made the movie instead. Also, I never got any douchey vibes from Marsden, he was annoyed by Wolverine, and he had good reasons to be.

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