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Originally Posted by Golgo-13 View Post
Can't wait to see what Banner has been up to in between the events of IM3 and Avengers 2.

Any word on him getting additional cameos in either GOTG or CA2? It's the least they can do considering he isn't getting a solo film anytime soon.....
- Listened to Captain America for 3 hours, about how he has been struggling with the modern world
- Took a 2 hour nap trying to help Barton recollect pre-Natasha punch memories; Thor wanted to have a session with Banner, but Barton told him to get in line
- Played Angry Birds on his iPod while Natasha was babbling about some love triangle
- Finally, couldn't take all the whining anymore, put a bullet in his mouth aaaand .... Hulk sequel

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