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Default Re: Best Comic Book movie of the summer?

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
I really find it so hard to believe what's so deep about MOS. Maybe if Snyder/Goyer gave the characters some depth or story development, I would agree on that. But no. Like I said in page 3, the movie felt like a list of bullet points instead of a flowing story. With multiple viewings, it will not change that.

With The Wolverine, the last act gets better and for some people who had a trouble following the story, it gets better too with multiple viewings.

With Iron Man 3, the movie is very easy to follow, but I think the Mandarin twist will just continue to leave a bad taste in people's mouth especially the fanboys and the film won't stand the test of time.
Well, its been a while since I saw MOS, and I have saw a lot of movies since, but I remember being surprised how much depth and emotion was in the story when seeing it, same with Watchmen funnily enough, which was also by Snyder. Both movies have more depth than they are credited with and both have emotion, which in my eyes makes you care for the characters.

It had some powerful moments as well, like Superman finally choosing Earth over Krypton and destroying Krypton's last legacy, the priest telling Superman he requires a little faith to believe in humanity, and then the moments of humanity accepting him. There were others but again my memory is sketchy.

Originally Posted by Greens View Post
1. Kick-Ass 2
2. Iron Man 3
3. Man of Steel
4. The Wolverine

I enjoyed all four but I had the most fun with Kick-Ass 2. The Wolverine was good but ultimately forgettable IMO. Iron Man 3 and MoS are interchangeable, really.
I did have the most fun with KA2, even when seeing it twice I really enjoyed it both times and will be re-visiting it on BD. I think over time it will go above IM3 for me, not sure about the other two though.

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