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Default Re: Marvels biggest slap in the face!!!

Originally Posted by jonathancrane View Post
The purpose of the film medium is to experiment and try different interpretations of characters and events. Doing panel-to-panel adaptations is unoriginal and defeats the purpose of film; why bother hiring some of the best creative minds, when the storylines can be done as motion comics? Besides, the notion of disservice is arbitrary; the comics are still present--Marvel is not going to take them away. If anything, being a fan of the comic genre - at a time when continuity is an illusion-presupposes an ability to accept and negotiate innumerable interpretations. If anything, the criticisms should be able successful executions of ideas, not devolving to a binary, where there is a 'yes' and 'no'; said binary is not present in the comics; half a century's worth of artists, regime changes, reboots, soft reboots, retcons, and everything in between have made made the characters and canon unstable, bound to change at any moment.
That's why I'm fine with changes that work for a film. Case in point, the ending to Watchmen in the film felt better than the squid thing. Doing what they did to Mandarin really hurt the film. I have no emotional ties to IM or Mandarin, but that just really hurt the film for me.

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