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Default Re: Marvels biggest slap in the face!!!

Originally Posted by droidwarrior View Post
^ Excellent Post ^

I only saw the movie once but i only remember him drinking, watchin Footie and walking around in his pants
So you missed the scene at the end where Killian explicitly states that he is the Mandarin?

Originally Posted by GENERAL RAAM582 View Post
That's why I'm fine with changes that work for a film. Case in point, the ending to Watchmen in the film felt better than the squid thing. Doing what they did to Mandarin really hurt the film. I have no emotional ties to IM or Mandarin, but that just really hurt the film for me.
Yeah the Watchman ending was a good original element added to the movie, I especially liked how it all tied in with Dr. Manhattan.

The Mandarin was changed during adaptation, but it was done in a way that, to me, made the character more interesting for cinema. Taking away the rings or whatever is not an injustice to the character, introducing Trevor wasn't either because that character was not the Mandarin. And they still get all the essential elements of the character in there. Just a different power set.

Compared to say, Angel, who is thrown in X3 for some reason or another, and literally doesn't do anything.

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