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Default Re: Marvels biggest slap in the face!!!

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
In the case of the Fox films, I would argue that their quality has a lot to do with their box office performance. The X franchise has been chugging along for over a dozen years with many installments but it has never caught fire, despite being based on some of the most popular comic books in history. In contrast, Iron Man shot to A-list status with a character whom many derided as a D-list hero nobody other than geeks knew about. Iron Man/Tony Stark is now more popular and recognized than Wolverine, who was long touted as Marvel's second most popular character behind Spider-Man. The difference between the Iron Man and the X-Men films is quality, plain and simple.
I thought X2 and First Class were considered better than IM2 and IM3 at least.

Originally Posted by CharlesConceptz View Post
Im done. Im leaving this website. I promise i will not be spiderman or attempt to be. I have a ral careerr to fulfill. Please don NOT tell anyone about this. I would appreciate if you all kept this a secret.
2017 Spidey reboot ideas
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