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Default Re: Marvels biggest slap in the face!!!

Originally Posted by OcStat View Post
His character was a joke in the scene where he was supposed to be. Not a joke through out the whole movie. I don't recall any one laughing at his broadcasts.

Now I really have to watch it again. I too was irritated how the movie disregarded trying to mesh with the events from Singers films, especially with him producing. Vaughn did say the movie was not intended to follow the continuity of the originals, which some people liked, but I thought it was a mistake. Even more so now since with DoFP we know the movies are connected.
X1, X2, FC, AND TW are all better than IM 2 and IM 3 imo. Also, I love how people are saying that Close and Spader "don't fit" their roles over a year before we see Close in action and two years for Spader. It's so premature as to be laughable. Apparently, being dead wrong so many times in the past (Evans as Cap, Ledger as Joker, Hathaway as Catwoman, etc) hasn't taught certain fans not to jump the gun.

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