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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - Part 11

Before we got official confirmation of most of these things Vulture were the first to correctly tell us who Helman and Dinklage were playing, that Kitty sent Wolverine back in time, and that most of the cast would be on the SDCC panel. They have been right so far in everything. All that is left to be confirmed or debunked is something going wrong after Kitty sends Wolverine back in time and the team having to track down a mutant who can absorb her powers to bring Logan back. The site think it's Rogue. The trailer of her seemingly being rescued from what is probably a mutant internment camp makes that spoiler also look true. I personally think it is and that is Rogue's role in the plot. That she isn't around the whole thing and isn't part of the team anymore for whatever reason until she's retrieved by Iceman and Magneto. It would explain why the future plot runs throughout the movie even after the time travel part.
I have a feeling when they rescue Rogue, Shadowcat will be part of it. Her phasing ability would be very useful!

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