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Default Re: The Justice League Casting Thread - Part 7

Superman-Henry Cavill(there's enough pictures of him posted here)
Batman-Ben Affleck(see above)
Wonder Woman-Jaimie Alexander

Green Lantern-Depending if they're linking Arrow, if so then David Ramsey

or Idris Elba(Don't feel like posting another image along with the many others in this thread)

or since WB/DC likes dropping complete "No one saw that coming announcements",

Kyle Rayner-Tyler Hoechlin

Flash-I like some of the choices here, going by the general appearance of the actors people seem to want for him, I'll throw this guy into the ring(this is assuming Arrow's Flash isn't movie Flash, again if movie-verse=tv-verse, it would be whoever scored the lucky role):

Mike Vogel(Barbie from Under the Dome)-Barry Allen

Martian Manhunter-Harry Lennix(I'm probably one of the only people that wanted that internet rumor that General Swanwick is actually Martian Manhunter to be true haha. They could still work that in this as a plot twist if they wanted to. I mean the character's definitely a fan favorite and people do like the actor. If not, I wouldn't mind him reprising his role in other movies in a Agent Coulson-type capacity. Don't you agree guys?)

Matt Damon-Aquaman
Enough said.

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