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Default Re: X-MEN at #20 in 'The32 MostSuccessful MovieFranchises OfAllTime'

If inflation is taken into consideration,James Bond will always be number 1

Originally Posted by droidwarrior View Post
Iron Man and The MCU can't be both seperate and together

I view them indvidually, Thor franchise, Cap Franchise, Avenger franchise ect...
This is exactly how I feel.

If you consider IronMan,Captain America,Thor and Hulk as Marvel Cinematic Universe,you might as well consider SpiderMan/X-Men/FF as Fox Cinematic Universe.Then,Superman/Batman should be considered as DC Cinematic Universe

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
And in my opinion, Justice League has the potential to become bigger than The Avengers. .
In terms of potential,Justice League>Avengers

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