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Default Re: Underrated CB movies

Originally Posted by Goddamn Batman View Post
The Phantom, pure action adventure. And I am a fan of the character.

The Shadow. Yeah, it's not based on a comic book... And it could have been better. But I like the guilt and redemption theme. It's refreshing to see a hero that started out as a complete *******.
I ran into The Shadow a couple of days ago and it was better than I remembered. It had a great touch of Burton's Batman here and there (what CB movie didn't at the time, anyways). I guess the only thing I really disliked was that the Shadow's "face" (you know eagle-nosed) was barely there.


Originally Posted by jonathancrane View Post
There is one good scene in Spider-Man 3. In fact, I will go forward and call it spectacular: the sequence where the Sandman assembles himself. While I have a lot of problems with the writing in the film and some of the casting (they should never have hired Dunst in the first place,) that sequence stands out to me and prevents from wholly rejecting SM3.
That scene was beautiful in all senses. But it's an oasis in the middle of a crappy movie.

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