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Default Re: OK...its time.....Man of Steel vs Superman Returns - Part 1

I pick Superman Returns by a mile.
I remember being a 16 year old kid excited for the first time I watching a Superman film on the big screen. I was disappointed and thought the movie was terrible. Throughout the years, as I matured I realized the movie was close to being a masterpiece. I remember thinking the movie was terrible because Superman didn’t throw a punch.

I also remember watching Batman Begins and hating it because I thought the action was underwhelming. Now its in my top 3 superhero movies, same goes for X2.

Bryan Singer made the movie he wanted to make, he was confident in making it, and watching the film it shows. This film wasn’t meant for kids or even teenagers, it was made for fans of the Reeves films, maybe even woman since the romance plays a large part.

I am not even a Superman fan, but Returns made me actually care for the character and understand his struggle. Routh I thought was an amazing Superman. He looked and sounded just like Reeves. The only difference was his Clark was more reserved and less clumsy.

I thought Singer did an awesome job in showing us just how powerful Superman is without even showing it sometimes. i loved the scene when he takes Lois for the flight, and when he returns her back to the Daily Planet Clark is just sitting there eating.

The themes Singer was using in the film I also appreciated. Father and Son, and how it all came full circle, repeating the words of his father. Also Superman/Clark being alienated and never feeling quite comfortable on earth even though he was raised there.

Returns in my opinion had better editing, some real beautiful and iconic shots and scenes, such as the plane, flying after being rescued by Lois into the Sun, Being shot in the eye, the awesome intro with Brando’s voiceover just tops everything in Man of Steel for me.

It seems this movie was really hated on by the general Audience for 2 reasons, superman doesn’t throw a punch and superman has a son. I can understand not liking for a Superman film if these are their reasons but that doesn’t make it a bad movie.

Man of Steel to me had so many problems. I thought Amy Adams was written absolutely terrible in this film. Once of the worst love interests I have seen in a Superhero film. I found the chemistry to be horrible and slightly rushed. I hated the Krypton scenes a lot as well due, to terrible dialogue and cliche action. Sure it looks cool but so does Transformers action, The Avengers etc. When people who praise this film speak about out it, I generally see and hear them talking about the action, To me at least that doesn’t make a great Superhero movie.

Clark’s father’s death was one of the worst written scenes in Superhero film history. When that scene happened, several people were laughing in my theater.

I liked Shannon as Zod, but most of his dialogue was also subpar to me. A lot of it he acts crazy and evil, and the other half he is just explaining why he’s not really a bad guy and he loves his people. His dialogue just felt too forced, and felt they were just really forcing he’s a sympathetic villain down the audience’s throats.

Henry Cavill I really liked. I don’t think his Superman was written that great, but I thought he did great with what they gave him. He looked the part and I am glad they got him to carry on the Superman legacy and I can only hope he truly shines in the sequel.

I guess what really ruined this movie were the cliches and since the audience have been begging for Superman to punch someone they just over did it in the third act. Characters like Perry White, Martha Kent, Pa Kent were really done horribly.

I couldn’t stand the scene such as when young Clark is in school and runs out scared locking himself in the room. I thought that scene was horribly done. Cliche after cliche. Clark hearing one of the kids thinking he’s a freak, His mother getting to the school in what seemed like 30 seconds. Most of the dialogue just reminded me of the Raimi spider flicks in how preachy they were. For a movie trying to be more real I thought it just didn’t fit. With Superman Returns the campy jokes and not taking itself serious sometimes really works in its world because its following the Donner films.

I have a lot more to say thats negative about Man of Steel but I think I wrote enough. Whoever loved this movie I am happy for you. I am glad you got the Superman film you wanted, as I did with Superman Returns. I thought it was a perfect ending to the first 2 Donner films.

Last thing, for the people who keep saying Superman was terrible and it doesn’t mean anything that the critics liked, because the General Audience is all that matters which is why it didn’t get a sequel are absolutely wrong. The movie was supposed to have a sequel, and you can even find some doomsday sketches online from the sequel. It didn’t get made because Singer was too busy doing other things in his career and WB got tired of waiting for the sequel to be made.

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