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Default Re: The 2013-2014 Fantasy Football Thread

Originally Posted by Matt View Post
What is the make up of your league? 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE and a flex WR/TE or a flex RB/WR/TE?
Dead on.

I think you have too much talent at WR, not enough at QB and RB. Your RBs should be decent however. Ballard is a decent backup and your starters are alright, so that should be okay. I think you need to consider trading a WR and Kaepernick for a better QB. Dalton is a fantasy backup, not a starter. And I am predicting Kaepernick to be a fantasy bust this year. He got lucky last year. Defenses didn't know what to expect from him or the read option. Now they've had a full off season, during which he has been public enemy number one. Don't get me wrong, he'll do. But since you have too much talent at WR, I would think about trading Green or Wallace with Kaepernick for Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or even Matt Ryan. Proven pocket passers will guarantee big fantasy points. A scrambling sophomore QB is just too big of a fantasy gamble, IMO. If you are going to go for a sophomore, maybe you can get a straight trade of Kaepernick for Andrew Luck, who I think will be a top 5 fantasy QB this season, if his owner in your league is buying into the Kaepernick hype.
I completely agree with your opinion on Kaepernick. My leauge has maybe 2 people who focus on Quarterbacks and the rest on RBs or WRs, so I wasn't thining QB early on. But this year everyone went QB. Rodgers, Brees, Manning, and Brady were gone before it even got to my first round pick (I was 6th), then Newton and Ryan got picked up before it got to my second. As a Bengal fan I had to pick up Green, and Griffen III was picked up shortly after. I was pretty bummed that by my third pick the best options were Kaepernick, Wilson, and Luck. So I went with the best RB that was left (McCoy) and decided to pick up whoever was left come my 4th round, which was Kaepernick.

As for Dalton, I took a gamble. With Green, Sanu, Gresham, and Eifert... I just have a feeling he's going to have a better than expected year. Plus, I like the idea of playing him alongside Green if Kaepernick has a bad year (and I'm expecting it).

Who do you think would be a better option... Kaepernick or Luck?

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