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Default Re: The 2013-2014 Fantasy Football Thread

Luck. Absolutely, 100 % Luck. Luck is a traditional pocket passer. My only reservation about adding Luck to your team is that you have Vick Ballard, meaning that 99 % of the time, one will score at the other's expense. Luckily, Ballard isn't one of your starters so it shouldn't be a huge deal, but I'd be weary of it. I think Mike Wallace and Colin Kaepernick for Brady, Brees, Manning, or Ryan is a fair deal. The only one I wouldn't take that trade for is Rodgers. I might bite if it were Megatron and Kaepernick for Rodgers, but even then....if I were you, I'd float Wallace and Kaepernick for Brady, Brees, Manning and Ryan. If you have to, make it Kaepernick and Green. I know he is a Bengal, but loyalty loses in fantasy. Plus as you've pointed out, the Bengals have a lot of targets for Dalton to choose from. That diminishes Green's productivity potential immensely. Hell, Wallace is really all that Miami has. You might be better off trading Green than Wallace.

Also, you should pick up, in free agency, Kenbrell Thompkins and Markus Wheaton. Both are rookies who should have decent seasons and will add a lot of depth to your bench for those bye weeks. At least one of the two should be available. Remember, wide receiver is a very deep position. Every year you will see about 10-20 fantasy breakouts in this position. Not all will be a Megatron, but you'll see a lot of players emerge out of no where who are passable flexes or even WR2s. So yeah, try that trade and get one or both of those receivers (Thompkins should take priority).

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