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Default Re: Marvels biggest slap in the face!!!

Originally Posted by Upset Spideyfan View Post
Not at all, the Mandarin's motivation in that arc is that he wants to mend his ways and do something good for humanity so he tries to release Extremis on a world wide scale so that the 2% of the population that survives (which he knows won't include himself so this is a suicide mission) will be superhuman and free from disease and injury.

Aside from that he's still not a nerd turned bad, displays remarkably little ego or arrogance instead coming off as somebody who's been tempered by a lifetime of battle and hard experiences and heck isn't even particularly interested in revenge on Iron Man. Tony would survive as he's already compatible with Extremis and Mandarin knows that. He comes off more as a mad idealist than as a Edward Nigma rip-off.
Uhhh no way man. The way you interpreted Mandarin's motives in that story is way off. There was no nobility in his actions, he definitely wasn't doing it with good intentions, and he was definitely all ego. The dude is a maniac, and Killian had all the same elements.

Originally Posted by Senator Pleasury View Post
The very fact that the pre-twist Mandarin was taken so seriously is precisely why the twist was a joke when it shouldn't have been at all.
Says you. The way I see it, everything Trevor did while on screen was Killian speaking through him, and makes the real Mandarin of the film more interesting. Trevor was a humorous character when we see the truth revealed but the whole twist is not the/a joke.

Originally Posted by The Hill View Post
Making Sandman the killer of Uncle Ben. Not only was it a slap to the fan watching the movie, but to Peter, the character within the movie it's self.
Man can't believe I forgot that. Maybe I was trying to erase it from my subconscious. The way it played out didn't really absolve Peter of the*blame, as some viewers like to think, but I am still surprised they even decided to go there.

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