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Originally Posted by Oscorp View Post
Venom gets all these threads and Doc Ock gets none
Originally Posted by Oscorp View Post
I honestly don't see the potential in a Venom spin-off.
Originally Posted by Oscorp View Post
That's where I don't see the potential in an Eddie Brock Venom film. In what way could a Venom vs. Carnage story be a great film? Flash-Venom could perhaps work though.
Originally Posted by JOE View Post
I'm with Oscorp on this one guys. Venom on his own wouldn't be very smart.

He's fascinating as a character because of the way he torments Peter. The way he stalks him and knows everything about him. The way he can counter every single one of his moves and even go around his spidey sense. To have him in a solo movie would be weak, a ying without a yang.
I agree with all this. Don't care to see Venom starring in his own film. Don't need to see any Spidey villains getting their own franchises. Focus on Spidey and giving us world class films and fleshing out the cast of characters in his films. Give us a Spidey/Venom movie that makes up for the joke we got in SM3 and leave it at that. Give us a proper buildup and make us believe the hatred he has for Spidey. Producing more solo movies to unworthy characters will only contribute to watering down the genre. Seriously doubt if Venom would be successful on his own as the main character.

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