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Default Re: Marvels biggest slap in the face!!!

Originally Posted by OcStat View Post
I am not disputing his plan, but you seem to be implying he actually believed he was doing it to make the world a better place. I remeber him trying to smooth Maya over with that kind of talk but I don't recall Mandarin actually buying into it.
When he released Extremis after Tony had beaten him to a pulp he literally said, "You lose, humanity wins."

Couple that with that's just how Extremis works and everything he did was to that end.

If you're suggesting he was lying about his motivations you kind of need an example to point to that suggests that, there is none in the comic as far as I know. But if that is your argument then point out examples please?

Originally Posted by OcStat View Post
And as representations of the Mandarin in the book to film this one is obviously the closest. Especially with Mandarin fronting a company under a fake persona to misdirect his opposition.
There's only been 1 Mandarin on film, how can it be the closest out of them?

And Killian wasn't a fake name. He created a fake person to blame his explosions on. Again he has more in common with Edward Nigma who committed crimes as the Riddler while his true identity was that of a successful businessman than the Mandarin in this case.

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