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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfec

Originally Posted by Kimura View Post
You´re right. But it gets tricky when someone tries to justify what makes X movie better than Y movie, other than "it entertained me more". You have the right to say Green Lantern is better than TDKR. And how is anyone gonna prove that you´re wrong? They simply can´t. It´s your preference.

But, exactly, what makes Green Lantern better than TDKR? You can say you love it more. But, does it have a richer plot? Does it have a better soundtrack? Does it have a better casting? Better acting? Better cinematography?
I don't think anyone can objectively answer 'yes' to any of those questions IMO. I also think expectations play a really important part in how we perceive a particular movie (or any form of art, for that matter). I mean I had next to no expectations for Green Lantern and the first time I saw it I thought it was okay. Certainly not as bad as all the critics were panning it out to be. I can understand why genuine fans of the character and people who had expectations for the movie in general were disappoited by it though. The undeniable truth is that it turned out to be a spectacular flop and any plans for a sequel to it are probably scratched for the time being. Even though I'm not a great fan of the character, I would've liked for them to have another go at it (and maybe they will in the future).

My expectations for TDKR were probably the highest I've ever had for a movie, especially after the experience I had with TDK at the cinema (best one in my life) and the dozens of times I had watched both BB and TDK in the years before TDKR's release. Add to that all the hype and speculation concerning it from these forums (which I joined in 2011) and it was obviously impossible for the movie to even reach the high bar I had set for it, never mind exceed it. Needless to say I was pretty disappointed with TDKR after seeing it in cinemas. I can't say I ever outright hated it, but like I said, I was pretty disappointed with it. Discussing and debating aspects of the movie on these forums has certainly made it grow on me though and the fact that it is an excellent, satisfying conclusion to the trilogy was never in doubt, even after my initial disappointment.

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The Academy Award winning DC Extended Universe

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