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Default Re: Should Batman self narrate?

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
Well if you guys want more comparisons to Daredevil...

No. I think it can be done, but not with this character. The more silent and removed Batman is, the better.
Every single live-action Batman has had an underdeveloped role (under the cowl), so I say now's a good time as ever to go a different route and tackle it head on. On film we've never seen the true mind state of Bruce when he's in full costume. And you really can't explore that without making him talkative. Which in and of itself is a betrayal to his outside exterior. Inner monologues are the next best thing at accomplishing that.

Dexter has done a fantastic job at showcasing a seemingly unfazed sociopath with underlying empathy. Without dumbing it down (at least in the earlier seasons) for the audience. It's such an integral component to his presentation that taking it away leaves you with a hollow persona. Great for the in-context world and its denizens, but terrible for the audience.

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