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Originally Posted by Spideyfan117 View Post
Please read what I wrote again. I never said he was evil prior to getting his arms. I said he was naturally aggressive. Which he absolutely was.
The accident is what altered his mind. He wasn't naturally aggressive before his accident. Naturally aggressive...what else is that but evil? A person that is naturally aggressive either chooses that response or has no control due to lack of mental function. Otto was brilliant sooo...and he wasn't evil. Otto was just a person with a large chip on his shoulder and years of resentment from bad personal relationships. All Otto ever did was yell at his mom and hate his dad. I think he may have pushed a co-worker down? Once the accident happened, it altered his brain and he now had immense power. If he was naturally aggressive then he could have used the arms to do whatever before the accident. It's after the accident that he becomes Doc Ock...because his brain is altered.

"You can leave a penny, you can't take a penny. You can leave a penny anytime. You have to spend $10 to take a penny. Store policy."
"Since when has this been store policy?"
"Uh, since my boss made up the policy. You gonna pay? You're holding up my line of one other person. You can't afford your milk, step aside. What, daddy didn't give you enough milk money? Little baby gonna cry about it? Just step aside."
And that is how Uncle Ben dies.

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