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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
A downer for Bruce would be to end Rises and still be Batman. After the message they're trying to tell and what he goes through, for Bruce to be subjected to more years in hell would be depressing as hell. Him standing on a building with a cowl on as the ending would have NOT felt triumphant but a repetitive loss for me. Rises was a super happy ending for Bruce.

TDK was the only really dark ending. Begins was somewhere in the middle.

BB ending was a **** YEAH moment. TDK's was a goosebumpy but dark as hell ending. TDKR was a super emotional but happy moment.
Well have to disagree but to me Bruce Wayne is Batman and when he stops been Batman the story isn't interesting for me. Also I only feel like he needed to stop been Batman in the 3rd one, the others I didn't get that same feeling. Rises was a happy ending for Bruce but not in my eyes as a Batman fan cause its supposed to be the never ending battle. Are we supposed to believe Bruce Wayne will be happy living in France with Selina Kyle if he hears ****s going down in Gotham again? Not for me.

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