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Default Re: Best Comic Book movie of the summer?

The Wolverine had its moments and the first two acts were overall pretty good, but that third act is really pretty cheesy.

Iron Man 3 starts off way too slow and drags a bit at times, but has a lot of great writing, action and humor throughout. I loved the twist, but the film's tone seemed to be a bit TOO jokey.

Man Of Steel had a lot of great action, acting and great spectacle, but the writing was pretty awful and the plot was rushed and at times non-existent. It was a little TOO serious.

Haven't seen KA2. The comic sucked. I'll try the film though eventually.

I'll say The Wolverine had the best tone that's for sure. It was mostly serious, but it had a few good jokes that didn't fall flat( 'I'm pretty sure thats only when you kiss another human' HOLY **** GOYER THATS LOW EVEN FOR YOU), but like I said, it was mostly serious and knew when not to joke.(Like when your hero is about to be killed by the villain, *cough* IM3*Cough*).

Overall, it'll be a solid comic book film summer for me, but sort of the 'wasted potential' one too. All three films had moments of brilliance, but overall couldn't quite work. A few pacing issues would have pretty much secured a solid 9/10 from me for IM3 even with the overall humorous tone still intact. A little more character depth and plot development from MoS would have probably put it in my top 5 CB films and a stronger 3rd act from The Wolverine could have seriously made that a top 5 CB film for me too. All three could have been great, and sadly, overall, are higher middle of the pack level CB films. These films are way better than a lot of the **** we've got(FF FF2, X3, Sm3, HULK, Daredevil, GR GR2, XO:W), but I don't see myself watching these three films annually.

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