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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread - - - - - - Part 15

MoS was released in many regal theatres this weekend. For the last few weeks WB have waited until Monday afternoon to release MoS numbers for the weekend. The movies it was tracking closely with (WWZ and STiD) the last few weeks had a double feature re-release this weekend (and week) and went form about 300 thousand to 800 thou to 1 mil this weekend. i think it is pretty safe o put MoS in between (and potentially a head of those numbers.

MoS will very likely come in at over 291 for the weekend when the numbers re reported which may not happen until tuesday due to the holiday.

As I said in an early post that many foreign countries had individual updates that were not being included in the foreign total which got a big jump when included with the Japanese numbers, I think we can trust in a good domestic bump this weekend as well.

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